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Top Benefits of Stencil Concrete for your Property

Stencil Driveways Canberra

When it comes to property street appeal (in Canberra), your driveway and surrounding walkways really do play a major role in giving your property that nice visual street appeal.  You simply can not get away with nice manicured lawn, landscaped gardens, rendered house and a big old GREY OIL STAINED DRIVEWAY! It just doesn’t work.  So yes, your driveway does play a big part in your properties street appeal.

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Stencil driveways and walkways have actually been around since the 60’s-70’s believe it or not.  However, stenciled concrete was more commonly used with commercial applications, until around late 80’s early 90’s Canberra saw a large increase in stencil concrete applications in the residential market.  So what are some of the top benefits you gain from stenciled concrete application in the residential market?

Let’s take a look below at how Stencil Driveways benefit your home:

  1. Street Appeal!
  2. Can Increased Property Market Value
  3. Cost-effective alternative to stone, slate or even some paved driveway applications
  4. Can provide a safe non-slip texture/surface
  5. Stain Resistant (when regularly sealed and maintainedcontact me for driveway resealing services)

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