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What is concrete stencilling?

Stencil concrete is an appearance of faux paving look applied to a concrete surface. The paved appearance that stencil concrete provides is achieved through a number of stages including; pouring the concrete, wet setting the waxed paper stencil pattern into the concrete, the paper pattern is then lightly troweled in followed by the application of a colour hardener powder agent. Once there is no visible moisture on the concrete surface, the paper stencil can be carefully removed from the concrete surface. Seal the concrete surface with a suitable concrete sealer.

Stencil Driveways Canberra
We can apply a stencil concrete effect to:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • patios
  • sidewalks
  • pool areas
  • even interior flooring

Stencil concrete will provide safety by eliminating existing slippery surfaces around your home.  You will be able to achieve the look of slate and stone work at a much more affordable price.

The cost of stencil driveways are often comparable to standard concrete driveways application, whoever every application is different so please call for a quote: 0402 182 736

Photo of a Stencilled Concrete Patio in Canberra

Stencilled Concrete Patio in Canberra

The Stamped/Stencil concrete can be applied made to resemble:

  • Brick
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Tiles
  • Wood
  • and many more textures and patterns

View the Wide Range of Concrete Stencil Patterns in the PDF Example Chart Right Here:

View the Wide Range of Concrete Colours Available in the PDF Example Chart Right Here:

Why upgrade your concrete driveway?

Upgrading your driveway to stencil/stamped concrete will certainly increase your properties value and street appeal.

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Stencil Concrete Alternatives:

What is Stencil Concrete? How to stencil concrete?

This short 3min video explains what stencil concrete is and some basic steps in the stencil concrete application process.



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