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There are a large range of finishes that can be achieved from the exposed aggregate concrete technique such as:

  • Monolithic
    • Most common technique giving a nice aggregate finish. Often the aggregate is mixed offsite and poured into the formwork upon delivery
  • Seeding

    • A more time consuming aggregate process is the 'seeding' technique. Seeding is where the concrete is poured and your chosen aggregate is hand placed into the concrete to achieve several different visual effects i.e: patterns, textures etc..
  • Overlay
    • The overlay technique is used to cover an existing concrete surface by mixing aggregates into a fresh load of concrete and 'overlaying' the existing concrete to achieve a completely new 'aggregate' effect.
  • Scrubbing
    • Scrubbing concrete aggregate is a technique that exposes your stone aggregates which leaves a rough 'stones sticking out' surface. Retarder chemicals are used to prevent the concrete from setting (keeping the concrete soft), then we can work a brush and hose to further remove a few millimeters of the top layer of concrete, further exposing the aggregate to achieve a rough texture.

Ours Concrete Aggregate Services:

So what concrete aggregate services do we offer Canberra Residents?

  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveways
  • Aggregate concrete pathways
  • Swimming pool edges and surrounding pathways - specifically for safety / slip resistance
  • Landscaping, pathways in parks and gardens - extremely durable 
  • All outdoor areas that are already concreted or need to be.

Attractive Aggregate Finishes:

Attractive concrete aggregate textures, colours and patterns can be achieved through any of the above techniques while being a very cost effective alternative to other decorative concrete styles and finishes.

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Photo of exposed aggregate concrete example in Canberra ACT

Photo of exposed aggregate concrete example in Canberra ACT

Photo of exposed aggregate concrete example in Queanbeyan NSW

Photo of exposed aggregate concrete example in Queanbeyan NSW