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Find a trusted local Concreter in Canberra

There are many concreters in Canberra so choosing the right concrete for your project can be difficult.

Why Choose Us as your preferred Concreter?

Years of concrete experience and knowledge
We always abide by the Australian Building Code for all concrete projects.
We specialise in most concreting services i.e: Stencil Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Coloured concrete, House Slabs, Concrete Repairs and Concrete Cleaning.
We are a full-service concrete company,  which means you only need to make one phone call to us and we’ll take care of all work including site cut and preparation, levelling, excavation, footings, foundations, concrete pouring and clean up / concrete removal.
We’re fully licenced and insured concrete business
We abide by all work health and safety rules and regulations for our concrete industry, to ensure your safety and ours during and after project work.

We offer FREE quotes! 0402 182 736

You know to you can trust a concreter in Canberra when they take so much pride in their work to ensure that our customer’s concrete projects are delivered on time and to specification in the most efficient manner possible.

For an obligation, free concrete pricing and a quote call me (Egan) on 0402 182 736

Top Benefits of Stencil Concrete for your Property

Stencil Driveways Canberra

When it comes to property street appeal (in Canberra), your driveway and surrounding walkways really do play a major role in giving your property that nice visual street appeal.  You simply can not get away with nice manicured lawn, landscaped gardens, rendered house and a big old GREY OIL STAINED DRIVEWAY! It just doesn’t work.  So yes, your driveway does play a big part in your properties street appeal.

We offer FREE quotes! 0402 182 736

Stencil driveways and walkways have actually been around since the 60’s-70’s believe it or not.  However, stenciled concrete was more commonly used with commercial applications, until around late 80’s early 90’s Canberra saw a large increase in stencil concrete applications in the residential market.  So what are some of the top benefits you gain from stenciled concrete application in the residential market?

Let’s take a look below at how Stencil Driveways benefit your home:

  1. Street Appeal!
  2. Can Increased Property Market Value
  3. Cost-effective alternative to stone, slate or even some paved driveway applications
  4. Can provide a safe non-slip texture/surface
  5. Stain Resistant (when regularly sealed and maintainedcontact me for driveway resealing services)

For a free quote please contact me (Egan) on 0402 182 736